CSI Bloodsplatters

You have to lose a lot of blood to kill a human so this is going to be a messy one!


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Pupils investigate CSI Blood Splatters_Main
KS Level 2

We look at how blood spatters evidence and use of forensics can help CSI pupils reconstruct the events that took place at a crime scene and see if the victim is indeed innocent. Don’t worry – we have a great recipe for fake blood, if we can’t find a suitable donor in your school!

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Pupils investigate CSI Blood SplattersCSI Blood Splatters Detailed InvestigationCSI Making Fake BloodPupil Detectives investigate Blood SplattersCSI Pupils Concentrate on Blood Splatters InvestigationCSI Pupil Team Work on Blood Splatters

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“Thanks so much for the  STEMBOX resources – we have had a fantastic Science week. The Blood Spatters in particular really captured the children’s imagination.  It made my week watching them work it all out” SB, Teacher

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